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Thread: First casualty

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    First casualty

    350 pheasants home on Saturday, small fry to some of you lads I know. I was quite happy they survived their first 48 hours in the pens considering it hammered rain on Sunday.
    Checking the pens this evening found one with it's head pulled off through the chicken wire, and the body still reasonably warm and supple, so it must have happened this avo. I've known owls to take heads off and leave bodies, but wondering what else would do this in daytime and not bother trying to pull the carcass through the wire, or eat it through the wire like a mink might ?

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    I have lost 5 like this although not through the wire but in the pen,i was thinking a bird of some kind???

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2130martin View Post
    I have lost 5 like this although not through the wire but in the pen,i was thinking a bird of some kind???
    Feral cats?

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    I had a similar problem on a couple of occasions.
    The first time the culprit was a muckle great hedgehog and the second time it was a bitch stoat.
    ​The staot was killing them in the middle of the pen and then dragging them to the wire but was unable to get them through the wire so she would then go back in and kill another!

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    We used to lose them in the pen when there was no net above them, and we've always been led to believe owls were the culprit.
    There are also a family of foxes about half a mile away, but they seem to be feeding out of a barley park and an area of un harvested crop. I have them on the to-do list for this week.
    There are feral and farm cats in the area, trail cam is up to see what's going about.

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    Tawnys are buggers for taking poults!
    ​The trail cam is a cracking idea

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    Aye, once I made the spend on a trail cam, I realised I want loads of them, handy for all sorts, have to check on the progress of the bulk buy thread.
    We've definitely got owls here, frequently disturbed on shooting days, but didn't think they'd be active on a sunny afternoon.
    Anyway, hopefully the cam will tell all.

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    Most likely a tawny if its killing them like that.

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    If, as you say, they are dead lodged against the wire, I would look at feral cats first, Having had three one year all caught in mink traps set with food on the edge of the pen. Afterwards the problem stopped, In the pen itself headless generally means Tawnies in my experience.
    Trail cam sounds like a very good idea.
    Just as a bye if you want a pen net I am selling one it's in the classified.

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