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Thread: BASC membership help needed.

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    BASC membership help needed.

    I will be taking out a new membership with the BASC in the next day or two. If an existing member would be willing to recommend this organisation to me and drop me their membership number then I can enter their number on my application, this then means that we both go into a free draw for a new Browning 725 shotgun as part of a members referral competition.

    Please PM me if you are willing to do this. The first PM I get with a valid membership number will join me in this free draw.

    Many Thanks.

    update...... I now have a membership number from Wingy, many thanks!
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    I hope the prize is TWO new Browning 725 shotguns?

    ​Ti's a bloody long way between South Wales & Wigan to borrow your shared shottie...?
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    The prize is actually two browning 525 hunter shotguns ( sorry not 725's ) one for each person.

    Many thanks to Wingy, you were the first to Email me with your number.

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    Cheers Paul, fingers crossed

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