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    Devon Deer Stalker

    Just thought I’d post my exploits of the weekend gone in the company of Richard aka Devon deer Stalker.
    His offer earlier in the year of roe buck stalking, coupled with my other passion of some fly fishing wass just too much to pass up.

    Well the Friday evening saw us stalk a field full of wheat, and we weren't half an our in or so when we spotted an animal, just browsing in the middle of the stuff, which we were to ID as a good cull buck.

    The only shot I could get was just at the base of the neck and happily he dropped on the spot, after some calls with the Buttallo from Richard to get him to turn.
    Job done and a good buck to take.

    The next morning saw us up at silly o’clock and again not much into the stalk when we came across some does, again all very alert and looking good and reacting to the Buttallo, but sadly no buck present.

    We both decided that the fishing would have to subside, the river was just to low, so a very kind gesture of an evening stalk was on the cards.

    On last light, we positioned ourself between a thick hedge, and Richards started to let off a few pips of the Buttalo, when we herd what only could have been a buck march up behind us, other side of the hedge looking for a place to come through.
    We couldn't see through the hedge and neither could the buck,but we cold clearly hear him marching up and down looking to get through.
    Sticks up, in anticipation and he was still there, no more than a few feet away, what an experience we both thought at one point we herd him snort….
    Sadly it wasn't to be, he never came through but interestingly after both of us started to break silence,and even after I tried a shot at a fox that came to investigate the call he still didn't completely run off, but what a glorious weekend, in stunning surrounding in some truly great company,a sincere thank you Richard.

    On my way home I was to rendezvous with Skadog to pick up the chiller, which dully fitted comfortably in my discovery, happy days.

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    Well done Gelert. Great write up thanks for sharing.


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    Thanks for that Glendine,the only downside was the traffic lol.

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    Nice one Gelert, glad to see you are still grassing the deer. You will be pleased to know that I saw the big boy again this weekend with 4 doe's in tow, but not rutting as yet.

    Let me know if you want to come back later in the year for Fallow or CWD.


    All grades of deer stalkers/hunters in the UK and overseas catered for. Level 2 DMQ signing off available. Over 30 years experience in the stalking/hunting industry. For friendly and professional help go to


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    Nice one Gelert - thanks for posting


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    Hi Gelert,
    Nice shot in difficult circumstances.
    The 3 roe does we saw were accompanied by a roe buck yesterday and we called it in, the 'we' was another member on here who nailed it shortly after it had some fun with the doe!
    Please feel free to take up the above offer as I am giving up guided stalking, but don't forget the other offer I gave you.

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    Well done great report

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