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Thread: Bipod or Not?

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    Bipod or Not?

    \i was thinking of putting a bipod on my rifle but have heard from some that it alters your shooting style to such an extent that you become reliant on it and find it difficult to shoot without one.

    Are there any thoughts on this?



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    Only terrain dependant, I have bipods on all rifles, mainly for bunnies with the.17, foxes with .223 off the platform on the Landy, range work & load developement with the .270/7mm, a long harris for deep scrub/heather that usually lives in the truck & sticks are always carried .

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    they do scratch the wing mirror a bit!

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    NNAAW! road kill is usually taken off the bonnet, much more risk of blowing the glass rather than scratching the mirrors! Steve.

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    i also have bipods on all my rifles
    every situation will be different and its allways best to get
    a steady rest
    i dont think they come much steadier than a swivel
    pete .

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    I'd second Pete's comments.

    I have had a bipod on my .308 for years - it's there if I need it but most of my shots are taken off a pair of stalking sticks. I've happily shot other rifles not fitted with a bipod over that time and can't say I've noticed any 'dependence'.


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    Ian i have bi pods on all my rifles and although the majority of my shooting is off sticks its good to be able to switch to the bi pod if conditions allow.
    The slight increase in weight is a minor inconvenience if it will give you a better chance of a more acurately placed shot and achieving a more humane cull
    At the end of the day the deers welfare should be the main objective for all stalkers and if by adding a bi pod to your rifle you are making things easier for yourself then go for it.

    kind Regards

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    I've bi-pods on my .223/.308 for the same reasons above, not expensive ones either ~

    The .22 only wears one when l'm zero'ing as its main work is bunny bashing via sticks/landy window - The sticks go everywhere with me though even if l know i'm going to walk 10 yards from car to high seat -

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    Sorry to disagree here but I think bipods are terrain specific. If You have hill stalking then dont leave home without it, but in woodland especially in the summer they are useless.

    I have a bipod in my bag and will use it on the hill. I use sticks that can be opened for sitting shots or normal standing. I live in Scotland and stalk West Coast and Central belt and have ony taken single figures of deer with bipod. Even forgot it last time on the hill and still shot 3 hinds. there is always a rest.

    Try the sticks off Ebay think they are XM31 or something or 2 green B&Q canes with an M6 bolt 30cm from the top.

    I also advocate practising off the knee. I have taken a few nice beasts with this method when I had to stay low to avoid being seen in the tree line. Last one was on Monday morning 85kg in the larder, he was banging his hareem one minute and then he got 125 grains of indigestion.

    What a way to go!


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    Agree with DDan!

    Too many of my Clients faff around with bipods, rather than getting on and shooting!

    Learn to shoot with the sticks - especially with telescopic sticks in a sitting/kneeling position.

    They make for the ultimate in comfortable and fast deployment - allow a 90 degree pan, don't make a noise and get caught up in grass etc. Give you a relaxed position to wait in, with the benefit of being able to raise to the shoulder and shoot accurately OVER low foliage, whilst not compromising your outline to your quarry.

    No uncomfortable metal legs digging into your shoulder with the rifle is slung, less weight AND if you really need a prone shot - your binos are an excellent improvised support at exactly the right height.

    Accuracy? Well the wheel used as a target is 42cm in diameter. The groups are considerably less! They were shot from a sitting position off sticks - at 500m.

    Plenty good enough for most of us mortals.



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