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Thread: New Stalking Boots

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    New Stalking Boots

    I have been using Le Chameau Mouflon Plus boots for the last 5 years and have found them to be excellent. They are a nuisance to pack so I left them in Scotland. In two weeks I am off to Austria for a few days mountain stalking and have just realised that my Meindl GTX 14 inch boots will be too warm for an August hunt even though we will be altitude, 3000m plus. I am seriously considering buying another pair but I thought it would be a good idea to canvass you good people for a few suggestions. Ideally they should be leather and 12" tall, robust etc.

    Thanks in advance

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    Have a look at Hanwag boots. im onto my fourth pair now, tatra top gtx. had alaska and trapper top models before and theyve been excellent. wear mine all year round and they havent been too sweaty in the summer or cold in the winter. they are goretex lined with a vibram sole and are really good quality leather. there is a german website called PM outdoor which has a huge range of hanwag boots. the trapper top light gtx looks like it would suit your needs. its in german obviously but youll get the gist!

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    Many thanks for tip. Just saw that there is another thread on the same topic!

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