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Thread: Tooth section

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    Tooth section

    Hi all

    Has anybody on here sectioned deer teeth or any teeth.

    If so, what did you use to get the job done without splintering the tooth (clean cut showing dentine lines)

    I even asked my dentist this one and he was as much good as an ash tray on a Harley

    Any help apprciated



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    use a junior hacksaw, then polish it up using wet and dry or something similar

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    Never done one, but I would chance it on a water cooled diamond
    grinding belt or a ca. 20 micron diamond resin matrix disk also water cooled.
    One half will be gone then though.
    Maybe your local cristal grinder could help?
    You could cast the tooth in epoxy resin, might make holding the tooth easier.

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    Here's how they do it with Dolphin teeth. I should think it would work with deer too?
    Maybe ask a dentist what they use to cut teeth with?

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    I think our resident Morena might have a better idea, I think he has done it. It came up in coversation the other evening.

    Give him a PM


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    The experts in this field have discounted it as a valid method in your part of the world as there is no longer sufficent difference it the seasons to reliably count the rings and align them to the years of age.

    I do know of a couple of people who can do this for you and have a best guess, for free of course. I still need to come over and pick up those ballistic tips, there is nothing better than the taste of shrapnel in a roast huanch.

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    Hi RedHead

    Did'nt know we had had a deal on any BT's presant or past


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