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Thread: red stag weights

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    red stag weights

    would any of you guys know how much the heaviest red stag ever shot in the wild in britian weighed, i ask this as i heard today of an absolute cart horse that was recently shot reasonably close to where i live, cheers guys


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    The main problem with this is how to be sure you are comparing like with like. There are so many ways of weighing; as shot, just gutted, gutted with head and feet off etc. And anyway size is not everything.(so I'm told)

    The most confusing info seems to come from Scotland with their habit of talking weights in stones. You have the standard stone of 14 lbs and a butchers stone of 8 lbs. When you consider that most red stags will kill out at 56-60% of their liveweight and then work out that 8 lbs is about 58% of 14 lbs I really begin to lose the plot.

    Weight for age would be of more interest to me but then you have the additional problem of knowing how old it is.

    It will be interesting to hear the other replies. Do the Guiness book of records have a section for stags?

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    The heaviest stag ive ever shot was 100KG larder weight (head/feet/pluck out). Ive heard of them 130KG out of the forrestry.


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    hi all

    i shot 3 spikers the other week every one of them went over 100kg larder weight !
    but i have heard of a 13 pointer shot recently that went over 150 kg larder weight , and have seen a big 18 pointer which at a guesstimate 200 kg plus he is a monster !!!!

    cheers lee

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    this one is an absolute monster, it was suposedly shot on the battle area near thetford by a DDM stalker and weighed 440kg gralloched, head and feet on, big stags well over 300kg are shot round that way once or twice a season but none of the guys had ever seen anything like this before, it sounds huge to me as a newbie but i was told this by a proffesional stalker who actually saw the beast in the larder


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    I doubt it was 440kg mate unless it was grey and was wearing a trunk!
    440lbs would be about right for that area though. Still a big animal at 440lbs. I wouldn't want to drag that too far!

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    that was what i said but he said defo kg's not lbs


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    Please guys,

    I would be delighted to see stags of this size but the truth is that without some credible verification these stories will forever remain just that, stories. I am not saying that anybody is being economical with the truth
    but photos of a beast on the scales would help; preferably with a trusted witness.

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    i agree, ive not seen the beast but the guy who told me is a well known and respected guy, i'll see if there are any pics available, i'm only passing on what i heard so please dont shoot the messenger guys


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    Quote Originally Posted by Monkey Spanker
    I doubt it was 440kg mate unless it was grey and was wearing a trunk!

    That and the company of Mr Brains has got me hooting like an owl with hiccups!

    Cheers Spanker. You made my weekend!

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