Free up some room in your safe if you have an Sub 12ft/lbs Air rifle in there by fitting one of these locks*. Alternatively these can be used to provide additional security when transporting your firearms.

Made of robust due cast metal with rubber cushions. Two keys included.

Now only 12.60 (was 21.00)

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Please order by PM (include your telephone number, email, and postal address), or call +44 (0)1243 811 844 and quote "The Stalking Directory"

*It is only neccessary to put a sub-12ft lbs air rifle in a secure location if there is a risk that children under the age of 16 may have access to it - if you do not have children living in your house then you only have to take "reasonable precautions" to ensure no minors have access to your air rifle (such as locking your front door or putting it out of reach when you have children visiting!).