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Thread: .44 bullets

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    .44 bullets

    As title, I'm after some 240+gr jacketed .44 bullets for use in a .444 marlin, so cast bullets are a no no, unless, there is anybody out there with some good recipes


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    I use hornady 265 gr interlocks for Hunting and also have some sierra 240gr hollow point for my treble 4 .
    I also have some sierra 240gr jacketed bullets for full power target loads . For practice and plinking I use 200-240 gr cast boolits

    loads that work in my t4 as follows (may not be safe in your rifle)
    265gr + 45grs reloader 7 or 45grs of imr 4198
    cast plinking loads 19grs with 2400 or 14-16 grs of trail boss
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    Joe Beatham at Gunshop East Barnet may have some, if not try Gillie Howe at Modern & Antique Firearms in Bournemouth.

    I have some full metal jacket 240 grain .429" bullets that I would be happt to sell if useful. Don't know if you are wanting expanding or FMJ. If interested in these full metal jacket (so no legal or postal restrictions) please PM me and I'll work out postage and cost to buy.

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    Something like this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by j0e_bl0ggs View Post
    Something like this?

    Yeah, something like that so, that's the 'fox load', what about deer and boar ?
    Turns out I was reliably (mis)informed about the rifling type/cast boolit use, and turns out it doesn't have the 'microgroove' barrel after all, so big thumpers in the 380 grain area are tickling my fancies

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