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Thread: Someones reloads

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    Someones reloads

    Last year I bought a Sauer with 2 barrels; 7x64 & 9.3mm x 62. The 9.3mm also came with a few boxes of reloads. I don't know anything about reloading and did wonder at the risk of using unknown ammo. I finally decided to try the barrel but have noticed these reloads are a fairly tight fit into the chamber and that the outside necks of the cases are blackened after firing and I have had one round jam in the breach. Recoil is noticeable ! but accuracy seems good. Are the blackened cases a sign of anything ?

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    Poor obturation, which is OK. It is not uncommon for some reloads (especialy those loaded on neck sized cases) to make you feel a bit of pressure when you close the bolt. No problem there.

    There is however, a good reason to be woried about shooting strange reloads in your rifle; strange meaning, ones that of which you no nothing other than the source. It is a bad practice to shoot anyone elses handloads. You seem to have survived the ordeal but it's generally something you don't do. It's the unprotected sex of the shooting world! ~Muir

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    There are some reloading numpties out there so it's best not to shoot other people's reloads unless you really know them and trust them.

    I know of an old boy who casually commented that he didn't bother weighing and measuring the powder in his reloads - he just filled them up snug beneath the bullet!

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    Muir, you just set me back on a happy track with the unprotected sex of the shooting world bit!, really did need the uplift after the poaching thread update. Steve.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Muir
    . It's the unprotected sex of the shooting world! ~Muir

    i will have you know i wear a hat coat and gloves at all times

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    The reason for the tight fit for your reloaded rounds may be that the person who loaded those cartridges for that rifle may have found that the best performance from the bullets was achieved with a crush fit of the bullet into the rifling. This assumes that the rounds you have were developed for your own gun.
    There are some issues with this when extracting un-fired cases if the round does not have sufficent neck tension to retain the bullet in the case neck while pulling the bullet from where it is pushed into firm contact with the rifling. In some cases the bullet may remain lodged in the rifling which is dangerous if you mistakenly chamber another round, and the powder may spill into the rifles action and trigger.
    Using rounds developed even for a rifle of the same calibre from the same factory is a no-no unless you are sure the cases were full length sized with correctly adjusted dies and not neck sized to suit one and only one rifles chamber.
    Sooting of the outside of the necks is no big issue if the powder load is within manufacturers guide lines. My .270 blackened cases every time and my 6.5-284 cases hardly look used.
    Hope this helps a bit, but use my advice only as a guide, the usual caveats about loads and safety from non-authorised sources apply.

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    Many thanks for your comments
    I suspect if I want to make any further use of this calibre, I will need to learn how to reload my own; the factory ammo is very expensive !

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