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Thread: How's the Rut going - is it full on now guys

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    How's the Rut going - is it full on now guys

    Is the Rut on now ?

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    No ! Patchy to say the least.

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    We are getting definite signs here now


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    no after watching a buck serve a doe last week, in the same field tonight, another buck, much bigger than the last one ignored a doe and the caller. never mind on the proper deer tomorrow fallow and reds.

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    Quote Originally Posted by re'M'ington View Post
    We are getting definite signs here now

    Is the Harvest this year the same as last? Is the Roe Rut this year the same as last?

    Why should it matter how Roe rut in Hampshire to how Roe rut in Yorkshire or Fife?

    Your ground is yours, you should know..........


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    called a buck to the caller on the 14/7 through until the 17/8 last yr, nothing this yr coming so far.

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    Was out this morning. Can't see Roe in ALL the fields because of height of crop.

    A Doe was called in but couldn't be seen at 30 metres. Doe with attendant BUCK stood up in Rape and only tips showing. No action. Young buck moved onto young calling Doe, again crop too high. Action seen.

    Doe with two fawns STILL being attendant. Saw the same elsewhere last Wednesday. Don't think they will be covered this year.

    Methinks the love life will happen in the crops before harvest..... Shooters won't see.


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    not happening here in my area at all ,atb wayne
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    Seems to be flat out here but same as smullery says a lot is happening in the standing crops, I can look out from a high elevated position over a fair area which makes it easier to see whats going on although if I was on foot I would be struggling to see anything at all.

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    One Tues eve whilst out foxing saw a buck chasing a doe (on the lamp) but in same field doe with 2 fawns couched in the hedgerow, thats all I have seen, extremly sporadic to say the least. Due for 30c here today might spice things up.


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