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Thread: Martini metford ,303

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    Martini metford ,303

    Do any of you out their that are interested in historic firearms have any idea of what a martini metford carbine would be worth.

    Its a ACII model. original made in 1874 and converted in 1895. condition wise is very good.

    Any advice would be welcome

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    Just like that. Thanks for the link. Really didn't have a idea on price. Think it will be sale time in the future.

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    It's ok. Pity it's a 303 as the 577/450 is a bit easier to shift.

    Best of luck.

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    There is a market for them and for some, shooters, BORE CONDITION is all. For the "cut and weld" de-activation market external condition is all. And for BOTH originality and condition of the sights....not knocked crooked or so such.

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    Lovely old rifle, it would sell for about twice that price here.


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    that is a very nice looking rifle, there is something about the look of old guns that I just love.

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    I have one similar to that except that it's a MArtini-Enfield and was professionally refurbished (re-blued) and proofed during the 1960s. The avid collector would have a fit at the refurbishment, but it looks as issued now.


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    The market is rather varied at the moment it seems. I would suggest talking to a specialist dealer in such items a they know what the market is like NOW. Saying what one sold for last year is of no use as the market is changing so quickly.

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