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Thread: Which 4x4 to get ?

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    Which 4x4 to get ?

    I'm looking at getting a different motor and wanted some suggestions and opinions . I'm currently have a navara which is great but is no good on fuel. Was thinking of abit of a change like a vw tiguan or similar. I need it to do a little off roading, pull the quad on a trailer and good boot space. Also ok on fuel. Many thanks.

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    My CRV does everything I need it to do and does 36mpg around town and 40+on a run. It's a 2.0 petrol and is capable enough off road for my needs and very reliable...I have looked at changing it for a hi-lux but it is so much nicer to drive than the truck I am not bothering.

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    I've been runniing a Nissan X-Trail for nearly 4 years now and have been impressed with it.

    On a longer run it will see nearly 50mpg (up to Inverness earlier in the month and it was between 49 and 50) and with general running about, commuting, stalking etc. I average around 40. Running costs are also good and a recent main dealer service on mine was about 130. It does fine off road though, clearly, will never be a hard core off roader but if you've a quad you've got that covered. I believe that decent AT tyres are now becoming more easily available for the 17 inch wheels. Mine runs on Yoko Geolander ATS all terrains. I believe they tow well, though I only ever have sheep in a trailer on the back, and are very popular with people who trail horses about a lot. The boot is impressive and with the seats down gives a flat load area that will easily carry my high seat, a stag in a big fish box and other stalking gear. There is a great system of shelves under the load area to keep all sorts of stuff handy and easy to access even when the boot is full. It is also very comfy, has all the gadgets and even after 4 years I really like it and just can't see what there is out there to replace it - if I had to change it I'd have another one.

    On the down side access to the rear seats can be a bit tight and there isn't a pile of knee room in the back if the front seats are fully back and on a cold day mine sometimes turns over a few times before it fires up, though it always starts even in winter 2010 when we had daytime max temps between -10 and -15 for about a week.

    I don't know if that meets your requirements - I wasn't dead keen on an X-Trail at first and nearly bought a Discovery 3 and on reflection I'm just so glad I didn't end up with a Discovery, the X-Trail does everything I need and goes everywhere I need to go and doesn't cost 500 a month to repair which means more money for stalking. Don't under any circumstances buy anything made by Land Rover, you've enough trouble in your life without paying for the privilege of having one of their problems sitting broken down in your driveway.
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    Get a massive gas guzzler and run it on LPG , I run a land cruiser amazon 4.7l and cost wise it's like doing 40mpg but you get to tool round in a massive V8 and it drives Eco mentalists mad as its cleaner than there vw camper !
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    Caorach, not everybody has bad experiences with Land Rover. We had six Discoveries from 1993 to 2013, had years of 'wadi bashing' in them and apart from a gearbox change under warranty they were virtually trouble free, never let us down and in one incident in Oman I am convinced the Disco saved us from serious injury when we were side-swiped by a testosterone charged Omani youth in a Saab. For the past few months my wife has had a new Freelander and once again it has never missed a beat. A couple of weeks ago I was in South Africa and five of us drove to and from Cape Town to the Eastern Cape in a new Disco and I can tell you I felt VERY comfortable and safe in it......much safer than I did last year when I did the same journey in an Isuzu bakkie!

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    Discovery 3 driver here. It is the best car I have ever owned. So comfortable, so much space, very capable off road, great in snow, cruises at 80 with ease.

    Odd problems, but nothing crazy. Never broken down.

    Had a Navara at one point and that spent more time at the garage than the Disco has.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Apache View Post
    Discovery 3 driver here. It is the best car I have ever owned. So comfortable, so much space, very capable off road, great in snow, cruises at 80 with ease.

    Odd problems, but nothing crazy. Never broken down.

    Had a Navara at one point and that spent more time at the garage than the Disco has.
    ditto - nothing it won't do
    won't be selling mine in a hurry

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    RS6 or RS4 Avant for me...

    Neither excel off road, but on the black stuff.........

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    Two discoverys, one did 170k the other 75k both had two gearboxes and an engine , the 75k one was recovered by breakdown truck 10 times ( I kid you not!) my Toyota has just done 215k on same engine and gearbox and still starts and goes like the day I got it and all it's ever had is standard servicing which I've extended to 15k intervals now as I'm on LPG now? And every feature/switch still works ! Try showing me an 05 range that can GENUINELY say that?
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