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Thread: Do you know what it is yet?

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    Do you know what it is yet?

    On a small holding I shoot they have a problem with foxes so set up spypoint camera seen a few foxes but the other night, there's a fox bye the cage trap you can see his eyes and a strange pig shaped animal is on the left by the hedge line I'm in Dorset and as far as I'm not aware that there any muntjac around Bridport and its not a pig says the farmer! Any help would be great cheers
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    otter. but that's just a guess
    up and at um

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    Does look like a small deer on the left

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    +1 on the deer. Otter ?????

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    I would say an escaped farm pig short leg large hind quarter to wide for a deer and to big for an otter. Only my opinion not an expert on pigs asses lol

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    It is a deer.
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    Did you check for slots? Unless and until you have corroboration that muntjac are about, I'd interpret that image as being another fox, and the apparent thickness of body as being caused by its brush.

    Wandering pigs and otters seem much less likely!

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    looks like Boar to me.

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    That's an Ewok, no doubt about it.

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    cat like walk! maybe a pink pig's rear end bit tall for an otter
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