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Thread: Flights to South Africa

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    Flights to South Africa


    I am looking to fly to East London South Africa from Heathrow. At the moment the flights are about 15hrs to east london but approx 23hrs or more on the return flight. Is this the norm?

    Any info would be most welcome

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    Shouldn't be. Look at flysaa. There is usually aflight around 9pm to Joburg then 10 or 11am to E London. Flights back around 4pm to joburg then around 11pm to Heathrow. How about flying to Port Elizabeth, just booking some for a client and they are around 15 hours inc stop in Joburg both ways.
    Hope it works out for you.

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    Thank you for your reply, it gave me food for thought and I booked the flight!! Looking forward to my Bow Hunt in May :-)


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