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Thread: any help gratefully received

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    any help gratefully received

    hello you guys i hope this is in the right place i am looking for range facilities for center fire rifle in 40 or 50 mile radius of manchestewr any ideas please or do you know anybody who runs sporting rifle courses

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    Your closest range complex would be Altcar ranges just south of Southport if you contact them they would tell you of any civiy clubs that use there ranges .
    No doubt some of the guys down that neck of the woods can be of more assistance with local knowledge .

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    Diggle is probably the nearest.

    Notwithstanding this, however, I have in the 6 years I've held FAC only ever used the range at Minsterley, south of Shrewsbury. While it is about 90 miles away, and only has 50 and 100yds, it is possible as a rule to spend a 10am-4pm at a firing-point happily shooting away. I think they would do tuition, if that's what you'd like.

    I should add that I am Manchester-based.

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    thank you

    regards and thank you for this it is a starting point all i want to do is become familiar with my rifle before stalking

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    There is a range at Sealand near Queensferry which appears to be accessible via Wrexham Rifle and Pistol club.

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    Minsterley is ok have used it for some load developement,
    Only able to shoot at 100m max but if you go in the week
    you can end up there on your own.
    Cost 25 per day last time I went plus you need to have or buy a backing board plus take a staple gun with you if you have one.
    As for Diggle excellent range but you need to be a member or have ranges
    on your FAC then you can shoot in the competitions. Not what you want to do,plus it is a 3 month probation period minimum.
    Need to build a load for some 140grain bullets,if I go to Minsterley in the next few weeks you can catch alift. I would probably go midweek though,live Stockport side of Manchester.

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    Range safety isn't top of the list at minsterely, purely because people can roll up while your downrange, not a comfortable feeling when peeps you don't know are handling firearms behind the line or even on the points.

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    Couldn't agree more!! This is one of the reasons i go mid week, most people I have been on the range with was 4.
    Get very twitchy when I am going down the range,usually wait till everone needs to go.
    Also one of the reason I am in the process of joining Diggle plus I like to shoot more than the couple of times a year that I can afford at the moment.
    Diggle will also let me shoot out to 1000yrds, lad there the other month shooting bench rest with remmy 700 .308 posted some good groups for what he was using against the all singing all dancing BR stuff.

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    You can't beat a good tradesman when he's using quality equipment!

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    I live in Manchester and funnily enough I drove down to Minsterley for the first time last weekend. It's a brilliant range 15x100yd benches and 2x50yd plus running boar. Took me about an hour as have family near Mold but imagine it's about 2hrs from Manchester. 25 all day aswell!

    Or you could try Stead Hall Rifle and Pistol club, other side of Bradford near Burley in Wharfedale. This has 2x100yd underground ranges unfortunately it's only open Mon,Wed Fri 1730 to 2100. I've had to stop going as I cant get out of work early enough to miss the traffic on the M62. I think you have to be a member(could always phone and check) about 100 membership + 5 per day.

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