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Thread: mid price fixed focus scope

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    mid price fixed focus scope

    Does anyone know if any of the mid price scope manufacturers (Leupold, Bushnell etc) do a fixed lense in the region 6 X 42 to 8 x 50?

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    Leup do I'm sure, try looking at Meopta, IOR, optics on the latter are awesome.

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    leupold do a 6x42 but that is about it until you get up into the higher fixed mag target scopes

    meopta, S&B both do 6x42 for in and around 150-200 (good S&B gets more)
    IOR are pricey,wouldn't call them mid range and they are rarer

    don;t overlook the older Nikko Stirling 6x44 models (the proper Japanese glass before they went all combat and air rifle)
    I just sold one for 60 and regretted it the moment I posted it!!

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    Burris just finished producing the 6x40 on the fullfield range but u may still get one in the gun shops or second hand. Think at the end up optics warehouse were selling them for 150 optimate also do a 8x56 and 6x44 and I think there aroun the same price range I think there Japanese glass but pretty underrated

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    I think I'd be wary of the Leupold.

    I've had a US made (and bought) 6x36 M8 for many years and had sterling service from it on several rifles up to 375H&H. I needed another scope for another rifle and at the time could'nt run to a Swaro or a Ziess so I ordered a Leupold 6X42 M8 from Sportsman. After sending two back I gave up and asked for my money back - both of them had reticles that were in pieces (and the oaf in the shop kept telling me 'no they can't be the reticles are etched in glass'???). I have no idea where they came from (maybe they were counterfeit?) but they were rubbish and nopatch on the original glass.

    I bought a second hand Ziess 6X42 from Gregor MacLeod - yes just sent that back for fixing too - but no quibble and no cost.

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    I've got two Meoptas including an Artemis 6X42. Damn good little scope. Solid, crisp and bright with a nice fine reticle. I've used it on my .308 and I can't fault it. Its not in use now but its one of those scopes I wouldn't rush to sell. Its sure to come in useful.
    Meopta do a couple of 7X56 scopes (why 7 and not 8 I don't know) and a 7X50 illuminated. I doubt you'd be disapointed with any of them.
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    Thanks for the responses folks - very useful.

    What's a reasonable price for a 2nd hand S&B 8x56?

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    300-350 second hand , a great investment

    Discretion assured
    - call us anytime, free on 0800 689 0857

    please visit our web site:
    http://uksha1 or find us on facebook
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    Quote Originally Posted by leec6.5 View Post
    300-350 second hand , a great investment

    I paid slightly less when I started stalking, I keep meaning to get these 'all singing all dancing' scopes that cost upwards of a grand..... but Will it actually get me to shoot more deer... realistically I don't think so. my nice S&B has helped me account for many hundreds of deer over the years, Besides that if I cant shoot 'that' deer as the light is failing they will be there for another day.....

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    What calibre are you sticking it on mate as that could influence your decision? The old Leupold M8 6x42 is a great scope, but it was designed for the .22 LR market and has the parallax set to about 50-60m. There are loads of older fixed power out there such as Pecar Berlin, Docter, Lisenfeld which are all decent scopes at an affordable price. Meopta 7x50 or a Hungarian S & B 8x56 are both great stalking scopes.

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