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Thread: help a paddy

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    help a paddy

    just had my mate on the phone from northern ireland and he is asking for advice.he wants to get himself a rifle for stalking with but doesnt know what to go for.he is new to the sport like myself he will be stalking in southern ireland to and he thinks the .270 is the largest calibre allowed down there so he doesnt know weather to go for that or a .243.he will use it over here aswell.what do you think guys.

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    Hate to bring it up again but get him to check out 6.5x55, it's a real sweety and will do anything asked of it on these islands.

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    I would also look at the 25-06 quite popular, good choice of ammo.


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    6.5x55 T3 Tikka Varmint with the stainless barrel. Cheap, cheerful and accurate.

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    Hi ya Tikka308
    Well you know what ill tell him to go for so ill shut up now before i get bombarded
    Any idea what he used the last time he went out

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    My guess would be an umbrella in all this rain Steyr 243! Its always raining in NI!

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    The ceiling was lifted again in The Republic and now .308 etc. are acceptable.
    Sika are hard to kill on the spot so forget the .243 , better and more suitable cals. are available including the .270 , 6.5X55 and .308 .


    Zapped with a .270 in Wicklow.

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    hi steyr243,i think he used a .223 in scotland for his roe buck not sure on the fallow in ireland.i think he should have a proper gun.but we wont go there.

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    That Sika stag looks right at home in that dog basket.

    Best rgds


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    Hi Tikka308
    I should of guessed that was coming, Especially from you & your shoulder mounted cannon
    You know i will stick with my trusty .243 as its always done the job for me mate. You see it for yourself what it can do on them stags
    Im waiting for more flak now
    Beowulf i think i could do with a bloody umbrella the amount of rain weve had here
    I really cant recomend a calibre for him to use as whats suitable for 1 person maynot be for another. think he needs to try a few different calibres if he can & get a feel for what he feels comfortable with & most important know his limitations. No matter what he gets there are limitations to ALL calibres

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