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Thread: Head shooting

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    Head shooting

    There we go, that got your attention

    Does anyone out there know of a book, I think it was written by Guy Wallace and it refers to the types of head that should be removed from a herd.

    I already do what I deem correct, but I thought it would be interesting to get another insight into antler management.



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    By Eck!, Don't know about having a tin hat, I thought you were dressed head to foot in Kevlar for a minute till I read the post!! Steve.

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    Must admit i was thinking "Oh hell, not that again!!"

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    I was of the impression that Guy Wallace was a `dog man`.
    There was a famous Deer man called Hamish, Frank Wallace who wrote books on Deer.

    A good one to read if you can find a copy is `DEER MANAGEMENT` by A.J. de Nahlik. [ Improved Herds for Greater Profit. ]

    His interest in Deer began when , as a boy in his native Poland, he went stalking with his father.
    In Germany with the R.A.F. in the 50s he watched the State Administration`s modern methods of Deer management and at Bath University he studied Business Management which led him to correlate economics with Deer management.


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    Cheers Stag,

    I already own that book, but someone told me that there was an interesting one that deals with the management of antlers........just thought it would be intreguing.


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