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    Hi Folks

    I don't seem to be able to upload photos is anybody else having problems.


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    Do you have a photobucket account?

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    Quote Originally Posted by pw7x57
    Rockingod try this.

    How to upload photos
    Perhaps the easiest way to display your photos on this Forum is to open an account with Photobucket. Here’s your step by step guide.

    1. Save your photos on your computer
    2. Log onto
    3. Click ‘Join Now’
    4. Go through process of joining, it’s all FREE. You’ll have to remember your ‘Username’ and ‘Password’.
    5. When you’re logged on your can upload pictures to your Photobucket album by pressing ‘Browse’ and finding the picture from your computer.
    6. Then click ‘Upload’.
    7. When the photo you want to enter into the competition is uploaded to Photobucket it will appear in your album, left click with your mouse on the IMG Code underneath the photo. The code should go blue. Right click the mouse and copy this code.
    8. Return to The Stalking Directory, paste this code onto the page and give us a few words telling us more about your photo.
    9. Job done!
    Put on by the guys on here.
    ATB Paul

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    posting multiple pictures

    Does anyone have any tips on how to post more than one picture at a time try as i might i only seem able to post one picture or multiples of the same picture.
    I have tried pasting one picture then going back to photo bucket for another but when i return back my first post and picture is gone and i have to start all over again.


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    I might have misunderstood, but are you running multiple Internet Explorer sessions or just one?

    I use Internet Explorer 7 which lets you have multiple 'tabs', each of which is a separate browser. I use one tab for the Stalking Directory and another for Photobucket. This means I can compile my message/article in one tab with Photobucket open in another, using cut and paste to insert the relevant IMG codes from the photos in Photobucket into my article. It seems to work fine for me. If you don't have the IE7 you could achieve the same result by opening up two sessions of your web browser.

    It's a bit of a pain, but another alternative if you're writing an Article would be to create it in Word, only cutting and pasting it into the Stalking Directory message when you've finished compiling/editing it.


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    hold down the Ctrl button on your key board select all the pictures you want to upload select upload "must make sure that all the pictures you want to upload are in the same file on the PC"and hey presto it is done

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    multiple picture posting

    Thanks guys for all the help i will give it a go tomorrow and see how i get on, ithink i have got the jist of what to do know as computers were never my strong point.

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    Sorry Guys

    It is the trophy room I am having problems with, keeps bouncing my photographs.

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    Ghostrifle trophy room seems to have been out of service since the tech guys tried to sort out the site/server problems .

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