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Thread: Warwickshire FEO convicted.

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    Warwickshire FEO convicted.

    Ex Warwickshire Policeman, then civilian employee in the Warwickshire Firearms Licensing Office, has been done for perving. And this is the guy that gets to decide who is suitable to hold firearms.

    BBC News - Former Warwickshire PC

    One day I want to be as wonderful as my dogs think i am .....

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    Typical, turn up for the books that he was prosecuted and it not covered up as usual.
    will they now review all his work? I bet not.

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    "a three-year community order"

    and WTF is that!!??

    nonces usually get time don't they?

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    No excuses, should have thrown the book at him!

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    I think he got off very lightly..............

    Tedds will have to sign the sex offenders register for five years and attend a community sexual offenders work group. Ten further matters of outraging public decency were taken into consideration.

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    I always found Warwickshire FLO's to be very good and reasonable unless Tedds got involved. Just shows doesn't it.

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    Yyet more doom and gloom, good news only please

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