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Thread: Mannlicher mk11 6.5 x 55

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    Mannlicher mk11 6.5 x 55

    I am interested in buying one
    has anyone got one or had ?

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    Yep got one mate despite what you have heard I Crackin rifle .off out with it in a few hours back sunday if you need to know anything . ​norma
    Ps I have two pro hunter mnt mk11 the other in 308

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    Hi mate I've heard they are a good make there's one for sale seems a good deal

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    So do they have a set trigger of is it adjustable ?

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    yes they have a set trigger mine is a 270W and I love it

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    Quote Originally Posted by chris .222 View Post
    So do they have a set trigger of is it adjustable ?
    Chris. The Pro-Hunter MKII I had in 260 Rem did not have a set trigger and no trigger adjustments could be made. Some do have a set trigger. The trigger on mine worked just fine as it came from the factory. However the fore end is another matter. I suggest you shoot one before buying one. It's got some nice features, however when I had mine, there wasn't an option to get a 'Joe West' laminate stock. I got 300 for mine when I traded it in.
    I have rushed into a few rifle purchases and repented at leisure.
    Good luck.

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    easy to tell Chris push the trigger forward and dry fire it unlike most set triggers it does not have two triggers

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