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Thread: Introducing me - From Dorset

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    Introducing me - From Dorset

    Well I have made a few posts, had a nose around and quite like this place so I figured I should make a introduction.

    I live in Weymouth and have been shooting and fishing all my life. My other past time is scubadiving but that's a different story.

    Recently a friend took me deer stalking for the first time and I loved it. I have no experience with deer or with rifles and so I decided to embark on rectifiying that.

    So far this is the plan that I have put into action.

    • Enrolled on DSC1 in 2 weeks time. Wow there is a lot to learn, but im feeling confident and upbeat.
    • I am joining the local full bore club who I am hoping will introduce me correctly to the world of rifles.
    • I will be booking a few paid stalks so that I can get some experience
    • I have been bribing as many friends that I know who are into stalking to show me the ropes. Right now im happy to learn the Grallocing and butchery side of things.
    • I have contacted the local FAO and have discussed things with him and have an application for a firearms certificate ready to fill out.

    So that's me and my plan. Its going to be a long game to get into it but im happy to play that game.
    Thanks for those who have passed advice to me either directly or indirectly on here.


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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    I recently completed my DSC1. Your plan is very similar to the steps I took to get an introduction to the sport. I've had a few hunting trips back home in Scotland, with another planned for November. You're right, there is a considerable amount of information to absorb for the DSC1. If you haven't already looked at it, refer to:

    Deer Stalking Certificate Level 1 Training - Home learning

    The online learning material was useful, especially for the deer ID questions. Definitely worth the subscription.

    Good luck.


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    Welcome ScubaDog.


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    Thanks for the replies everyone.

    Cernunnos thanks for that. I had actually signed up to that already. My course manual has arrived from BDS. Talk about bed time reading!

    To be honest so far I have found the online stuff more useful. I still intend to read the manual mind you.

    Cernunnos have you applied for your FAC yet?

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    Forms completed. Applying for contiguous shotgun cert so required 8 passport photos. Looking at a .308 as it's a versatile calibre for hunting and target shooting. I joined the NRA just over a year ago and will be storing guns at their armoury. They are based at Bisley near Woking, just to the South-West of London, so I'll be able to keep my eye in. My membership provides insurance cover for stalking which is handy. Think the BASC membership provides insurance cover too. Something else to consider. Have you looked at the BASC PDF guide to filling out the FAC? I found this helpful.

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