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Thread: centerfire moderators

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    centerfire moderators

    Hi, I have been looking around on the internet for a potential moderator for a .270. Origionally I thought that a ASE compact mod would be a good one to go for but it seems fairy expensive to be honest, (when there is probably a different mod available at a cheaper price that will basically do the same job?). So I was just wondering what the general consensus on here was for the different moderators available. I would prefer a reflex mod and price, build quality/likelyhood to rust and obviously noise reduction and balance/weight have all to be considered....

    So what would be the best option to go for? T8, wildcat mod? or one of the ASEs?

    Apologies for the longwinded question but any advice is greatly appreciated! 8)

    ATB CZ452

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    ASE Jet-Z or the new ASE Northstar, Why skimp now get the best and you wont ever change. Just changing up to .270 frrom .243 and am putting a Jet-Z on again no doubt in my mind. Never tried T8's but had PES and Wildcat before and wouldn't go back.

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    Thanks for the answers! Yeah I have heard the T8 was prone to rust ect so that was almost ruled out anyway. I've also heard that the wildcat is very long/heavy? so I was leaning toward the pes or ASE. I've got to ask though, why does everyone recommend the jet Z? I would have thought the reflex type northstar would have been better/more practicle?

    As always any opinions are greatly appreciated!

    ATB CZ452

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    I have a ASE jet z on my T3 varmint, even though it is a long barrel and heavy the point of balance is still on the front swivel fixing so when you have it on a bipod or up on the sticks its balance is still about perfect.
    I got one because my mate had a T8 on his rifle and it rusted out and ruined the blueing on the barrel.

    Jet z and you wont be dissapointd.


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    The Jet Z is not primarily a consumer "hunting" unit but a security force/military unit.

    I've been at Defence Shows in Paris and London these past two years and prior to selecting my own ASE Jet Z spoke to all the serious moderator manufacturers. Even ASE's competitors pointed me at the Jet Z as that is what they used for hunting.

    The UK moderator market was initially driven by the FC compliance with HSE noise requirements so a "screw crown" over barrel method, quickly developed by domestic engineeers was adopted. Zero initial development at technology level.


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    I think the northstar is new to the Market and has impressed people it's the only one that has made me think about changing from Jet-Z but ASE has to be the way forward

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    Also a .270 user and have changed from T8 to Ase Northstar recently. I have only managed out a few days out with new mod so early days yet.
    First impressions more compact and better build quality . As far as noise and recoil reduction no noticable differance from T8 .
    That said I had no complaints about the T8 I have seen rust on some but never had that problem myself. If I needed another mod it would be an Ase I would go for.

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    Here's the biggest one available which may affect the balance of your rifle!!!!

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