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    centerfire moderators

    Hi, I have been looking around on the internet for a potential moderator for a .270. Origionally I thought that a ASE compact mod would be a good one to go for but it seems fairy expensive to be honest, (when there is probably a different mod available at a cheaper price that will basically do the same job?). So I was just wondering what the general consensus on here was for the different moderators available. I would prefer a reflex mod and price, build quality/likelyhood to rust and obviously noise reduction and balance/weight have all to be considered....

    So what would be the best option to go for? T8, wildcat mod? or one of the ASEs?

    Apologies for the longwinded question but any advice is greatly appreciated! 8)

    ATB CZ452

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    Hi - I've got a stainless steel overbarrel PES on my .243; I ummed and aahed quite a bit over which mod to go for before deciding upon this particular one....

    I went for the PES because my rifle is synthetic/stainless, so I wanted a mod with similar 'weatherproof' qualities, it wasn't eye-wateringly expensive, and the slimmer profile appealed. In use, it tames the noise and muzzle-flip as you'd expect - but then they all should . Downside: it IS fairly heavy (and I'm not going to pretend it's not), and you do notice it, especially when you have the rifle slung over your shoulder, but the rest of the rifle is fairly light to start with, so it's not the end of the world. (I also find using a sling with a wider and non-slip section at the 'shoulder' section helps prevent it twizzling round) Burning a few extra calories lugging it about means I don't have to run quite so far at the gym

    I ruled out some of the others that were on the market at the time not because of any one specific thing, moreso due to the fact that the S/S PES ticked all my boxes, the others only ticked some. (My mates use T8's, and they're very happy with them).

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    I thought I heard that they now do a stainless steel Reflex T8 but can't find any info on one. Or did I just dream it???

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    Hello just had a Wildcat Predator 8 fitted to my 270Win really pleased with it.Felt abit strange to start with dont notice it now,good luck

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    Why not try the Ase Utra NS-3S North Star, i got one for my 308, its stainless over barrel type and is close to half as long as the T8, which i have on the 243. They are smaller than you think, i was suprised when i got mine.

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    if you dont want the original t8 border barrels do an identical one in stainless steel

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