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Thread: A Question about Proof

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    A Question about Proof

    I saw a used rifle advertised on the net in the right cal make and model. I had been looking around for one of these for a while. I Spoke to the rfd over the phone in the week just to get some idea of the condition, age etc, I was told it had fired less than 200 rounds so like new. And that it had just come back from being proofed! So I arranged a viewing.

    Viewed rifle, Synthetic stock had been mark quite a lot for the "almost new gun" I ask same questions, "definitely less than 200 rounds and it had just come back from being proofed"! I double checked if it was the rifle we had spoken about in the week and it was.

    There was quite alot of creep in the trigger. I was told it could be adjusted "ok". The rfd then told me it was a set trigger and showed me how it worked. I had another go I set the trigger and was going to give the the stock a bump on the floor, I lifted the muzzle my fingers were no where near the trigger it dry fire of its own accord! RFD smiled and told me "that was a lite trigger" "ok". I tried a couple more times with the set trigger, I barely moved the rifle it dry fire of its own accord!

    I cocked it again with out the set trigger and bumped it on the floor from 3 inches it dry fired. RFD ask what did I expect? I made my excuses and left.

    If a gun had just been proofed, Would this have not been picked up apron? even if it is not in the proof test?

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    Every rifle with a set trigger will probably fire if set it and then bump it on the floor, what makes you think there is anything wrong with it? I would however be concerned if it slam fired or wouldn't stay cocked when bumped in the unset mode. As far as I know proof only looks at the supposed ability of the barrel and action to support a proof load and not mechanical function of a firearm.

    Why was it sent for proof, is this rifle a private import from somewhere like the U.S. ?
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    He didn't have to bump the gun for the set trigger to fire.

    If the proof is CIP, there's visual and mechanical inspection too, it's actually very strictly guided (conditions which cause the proof to fail even before firing the proof rounds). Here's some excerpts:

    Article 5 Check on operating safety and visual inspection
    5.1. The check on operating safety shall include ... and of the cocking and percussion device.
    Article 7 Rejection before firing
    7.5 absence of operating safety; in this respect, the following checks must be made:
    d. the absence of the risk of firing during loading
    f. the correct operation of the trigger mechanism (the release may not be too light, except in the case of special competition firearms)

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    I agree every cocked rifle (With or without safety on) has the potential to fire when bumped/slammed, also that one must always assume it will do so. I personally have never experienced such a thing in thirty + years of owning rifles with double set triggers.
    This even when 'checking' the security of the setting, when the setting has needed to be re-done after full strip down service of the trigger action.

    I would be inclined to believe the OP's experience with this particular rifle may be due simply to an incorrectly light trigger setting......but the trigger should quite easily be adjustable to a heavier setting. If not, a qualified armourer needs to look at it. (That's a matter for the dealer to undertake IMO)

    It seems odd the rifle was sent for proof unless brand new, an import or re-barrelled. If the main trigger mechanism only was used during proofing, the defect with the set trigger mechanism possibly wouldn't have been discovered as already mentioned. One would however have thought the dealer would check all weapons for functionality prior to offering them for sale. ATB
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    my dad has an old cz .22 hornet with a set trigger and once you set it if you fart it will go off

    Most set trigger can be ajusted but i think most people want there set trigger to be extremly light.


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    There are still those whom insist on re-proofing after the muzzle is threaded. Was this one threaded?

    I think you were right to walk away. I would have run as this RFD seems not to know what he is doing.

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    AFAIK proof is exactly that.

    they prove the barrel with a hot load
    accuracy, fit to stock, bolt cycling and how the trigger operates is of no consequence to them

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    only ever had one rifle cz with a set trigger hated it i like a light trigger but some of them set buggers will go off with a good fart next to them !not for me

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    I've had a couple of rifles with set triggers. The first was a Berretta with a Canjar set trigger- Bloody dangerous thing. The Sako 85 that I currently have is far better and an absolute pleasure to own and shoot.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    set triggers are dangerous if you don't know how to use and adjust them. use them properly and they can actually help you with some very nice crisp trigger work when taking long shots on vermin or when zeroing/testing loads for example.

    it's a marmite thing..personally I could take it or leave it.

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