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Thread: Flexothane or similar

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    Flexothane or similar

    Does anybody use Flexothane or a similar product as a waterproof shell? In summer over a shirt or in winter over a flleece. 100% waterproof as being advertised?

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    Being a farmer my flexothane leggings are on my wellies all year.They are waterproof but you sweat when its warm.They are quite tough against barbed wire etc.I have the unlined coat too and you stay dry.

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    i used to use them daily (being a vet) very good for the price and I agree they dont tear badly, they are quite rubbery. you sweat like hell if your working and they dont do well with abrasion, if you kneel down much the knees will go. I now use a pair of goretex trousers by hoggs ( a lot more expensive) but i have put them through hell so far climbing gates and kneeling in farm yards and they are yet to leak. I guess you get what you pay for but for the money the flexothane ones are not bad, seal flex are similar and maybe a touch tougher. The flexothane are also quite quiet.

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    Thanks. Flexothane is a Belgian product made by Sioen. We use flexothane and similar products for roughshooting, being light and flexible. A couple of hours under a light rain in Belgium is different to being out a few days on hinds in bad Scottish highland weather. This being the reason of my question. I would like to use it as a waterproof shell over a good fleece for stalking hinds next winter. ( jacket and bibs) Would it be up to 3/4/5 days of heavy Scottish weather?

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    I use the trousers when crawling when hind stalking and they are ideal .However take them off when climbing otherwise you will get wetter from the inside than the outside , As for the jacket it will put up with the worse weather but again when you start climbing or it stops raining take it off. Also flexothane is very quiet so good in bad weather in woodland.

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    if your useing them for work, i brought a pair of new goretex leggings off ebay, cost about 30.00. there maded by cosalt and there what the network rail use, so no good for stalking as there hi viz. but there very strong, water proof and breathable, ive had may pair for 3 years and they've had a lot of use.

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