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Thread: Roe does with antlers

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    Roe does with antlers

    I'm seeing more roe does with antlers this year than ever before, last night a had one with 1 antler, 3 inches long and still in velvet.
    Anyone know why they grow them?(hormones).
    Anyone else seeing more this year?

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    No I have not seen any this year and have no idea why there should be more than usual, its a fairly rare but not unknown phenomenon.

    Are you certain it was a true doe, and not a hermaphrodite,ideally you should check the genitals , even then I cant always be certain.

    One of the vets on here might give you more information on the condition.

    Now I am not having a go but you said you had one last night , did you shoot one last night? if so does are not in season as you are no doubt aware, and if you shot it mistakenly thinking it was a buck, well accidents happen and as I say not having a go but you should be identifying your target by more than whether or not it has antlers or not.

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    Just thinking about the last response from bt. The grass being long at this time of year might mean that an anal tush may be obscured while a sensible and humane shot might still be on the cards. Other that antlers and anal tush how else might you sex a deer? Obviously genital area will be obscured if the tush is.

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    Been done lots of times on here. See the link below.

    In Answer to Mike, I think experience helps identify the sex even at long ranges where the antlers cannot be seen. If you can't see the Anal tush or the penis sheath and it only has one antler I would be waiting before pulling the trigger. The cover is rarely so thick that there are no shorter areas anywhere that the animal will move into and if it is that thick then maybe a call might be able to encourage it out. One antler, odd lumps or still in velvet in Late July ought to make you think that something is wrong? The neck and body would be much thicker on a mature buck than a mature doe but not so on a yearling so a slender neck could still be a buck. Remember that shooting does at this time of year means that kids will starve. If you're unsure there is always another day!

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    Mike, baguio has pretty much covered it with his post, identification is a combination of factors body shape plays a large part but as he said it is possible to mistake a yearling buck for a doe by body shape alone.

    Depending on how close you are of course,and its hard to explain but a bucks face looks different from that of a doe.

    Its not only the tush but the caudal patch is a completely different shape between a buck and a doe identification maybe a little easier for us in the north as many but not all Scottish roe retain a white caudal patch all the year round not just in winter as they do in the south.

    Finally if you depend entirely on antlers or the lack there of for sexing your beasts, how do you avoid targeting bucks in November and December when they don't have any.

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    never seen a doe with antlers before does this happen often? for example how many have people seen in a season or lifetime? natures a weird and wonderful thing lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zephyr View Post
    never seen a doe with antlers before does this happen often? for example how many have people seen in a season or lifetime? natures a weird and wonderful thing lol
    I have seen three roe does with antlers, all within the last couple of years. The one in this photo (second from top) was shot last season and is the only doe of the three where the antlers showed outside of the skin - with the other two there were small but noticeable bumps under the skin where the antlers/pedicles were starting to erupt.

    Even so, you'd be hard pushed to mistake it for a buck.

    O wad some Power the giftie gie us to see oursels as ithers see us!

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    Just to clarify chaps I didn't shoot the doe last night, When I said I had her; I meant I had her on the ground in front of the seat. She had 2 kids with her so a easy ID really.
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    Well thats interesting the fact that she had youngsters with her,as many of these so called antlered does are not truly does, but that is obviously not so in this case.

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    Never knowingly saw one and they are pretty rare. Saw pics at Scone of a perruque doe that was shot and never heard of this before.

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