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Thread: Cartridge shot

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    Cartridge shot

    Has anyone ever come across a stainless steel shot in a shotgun cartridge ?.

    I dont think there would be one as it would be expensive but im not sure.

    Any info guy's ??.


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    Is it stainless thought that would be to hard.I used to use nickel plated shot for wildfowl when it was legal.Shot very tight paterns still have some left in no.1.

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    Whilst some steel is marketed as has more chrome or other metal steel under the "wrong" conditions is ever truly rustless. Indeed highly polished steel...such as a ball bearing...has its own rust resistance. Just through being highly polished.

    Most steel shot is, or used to be, IRON not in fact steel.

    So a "cheap" rust resisting steel shot might be simply high quality high polished ball bearings. As to its suitability for use I wouldn't venture an opinion. Gold plated soft iron shot might be a cheaper alternative.

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    As GWP says I think stainless steel would be too hard.

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    Thanks guy's,

    Yeah you may just be right. I tried finding some online but couldnt so maybe doesnt exsist.


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