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Thread: Sako Tikka optilock clearout!

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    Sako Tikka optilock clearout!

    I seem to have acquired the following and no longer need so for sale I have

    Optilock 30mm high blued rings (no inserts) 30 (SOLD)

    Optilock 30mm med blued rings 30 (no inserts)

    Optilock 1" med blued rings 35. (SOLD)

    Optilock 1" low phosphated rings 30 (no inserts)

    Warne PA tikka T3/595 30mm low rings 30. (SOLD)

    Sako 75 bases blued 30 (not sure if they are long are short) trying to find out

    Tikka tactical bases phosphated for a picatinny (SOLD)

    Tikka old style mounts for T3 and 595 very rare and a very good mount I have no idea of there age but they are stamped made in Australia and the label on the original box is marked up at 90 these I would say are low and 30mm I'm looking for 30

    All prices include postage please pm if your interested many thanks
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    Hi Are the one inch optilock rings still for sale and do they have inserts. Thanks Steve

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    if the sako 75 blued bases fit a .243 III action, I can offer you 20 posted. cheeky yes, but it's all I can afford, so feel free to tell me off and say no

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    PKL not affended at all but I'm afraid they are long action bases! So no good for .243


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    Quote Originally Posted by BorderFieldsports View Post
    Hi Are the one inch optilock rings still for sale and do they have inserts. Thanks Steve
    Steve sent you a PM

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    Right all that's left is the old style Tikka mounts @ 25 posted

    The long action 75 bases @ 20 ( SOLD )

    And the medium Optilock 30mm @ 25 (no inserts)

    And the low 1" phosphated optilocks @25 (no inserts)

    I need these gone and these prices are posted!
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    No one want these before they go to the bay!

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