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Thread: It's fun sometimes

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    It's fun sometimes

    Living under base leg of an airfield approach can be fun sometimes, ignoring the Beluga's, & neighbouring Ryan air/Easy jets antics for Liverpool, you sometimes get a performance that would do justice to a scene from The Bridges at Toko- Ri, just finished cleaning the soot off the monitor here, that the Provost pilot who was running on burning Labrador's socks left behind him, on his dirty dive into Hawarden........,........... Do miss the Mozzie though!
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    Had a vulcan bomber fly over very low yesterday near Middlewich wondering if they were involved with the show at Oulton Park. Dave

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    Saw that Vulcan at RAF Leuchars, without a doubt a magnificent sight.

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    Have a look on YouTube Steve some cracking cockpit footage of said aircraft landing and taking off from Hawarden
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