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Thread: Different Size of Wheels. What Effect ?

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    Different Size of Wheels. What Effect ?

    I have a 2010 L200 Warrior fitted with 17'' wheels. I am trying to buy a set of wheels to put winter/mud tyres on, without success. Looking on the internet and e-bay there are lots of 16'' and a few 18'' sets for sale.
    Can anyone tell me what the effect of putting 16'' or 18'' wheels on my vehicle would be please ? Are there reasons not to do so ?

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    Your standard factory fitment wheel, is linked to your speedo readout, if you alter your wheelsize/tyresize, below or above the standard, your roadspeed indicated on the speedo will be incorrect, also your insurance may have a get-out, in the event of an accident if you do not declare a "Modification".
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    putting smaller wheels on will in effect make the engine rev more as you will be making the wheel diameter smaller so in turn making the wheels turn more before the same distance is covered. this will also throw the speedo out and it can make quite a difference.
    to see how much difference this makes if you ever watch a video of the tt races and you watch on board footage when the bikes turn corners at speed you see and here the rev counter going up this is not the rider shutting off the throttle it is the tyre size changing as the bike is cranked over. yes this is extreme case but does illustrate the effect if anything go up to the 18" and you will lower the revs and give a better fuel consumption but again it will throw out the speedo,atb wayne

    as finnbear says tell insurance of the mods
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    I use 31" mud terrains on my hi-lux, overall height is about an inch and a half bigger than the standard 265/75/15. The only noticeable diiference is the speedometer compared to the sat nav is 5mph out at 70mph
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    Was thinking the exact same last year but just went with changing the tyres on the 17" wheels to Cooper ATR's and to be honest I don't really notice the difference between these and road tyres so they are on to stay. They perform great offroad so best of both worlds.



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    The 16 will spin more for same distance so speedo may run faster and reverse for 18.
    They can get around this with a higher profile tyre for 16 which would mean the rolling radius would be nearer original (reverse for 18). Personally if the 16 were close enough is bang them on as they come.

    You won't be far out on speed. Check engine rpm in 4/5 gears at 30/40 mph. Then again once fitted.
    Engine rpm slightly higher for same speed means speedo runs slightly faster than you are so right side of wrong for speed cameras.

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    If your not concerned about them being pinched I wouldn't worry about insurance. They normally reply with - no problem.
    I understand there concern but how many cars/ vehicles have people bought 2nd hand and how many of those people have gone to the dealer to see if there original fitment for their insurance? Don't know anyone that has. Only if its extreme modification I'd worry.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jackfish View Post
    Was thinking the exact same last year but just went with changing the tyres on the 17" wheels to Cooper ATR's and to be honest I don't really notice the difference between these and road tyres so they are on to stay. They perform great offroad so best of both worlds.



    How do you find thoose cooper off road tyres? Garage close to me sells them but i didnt bother and just went for general grabbers(which are superb). But always open to new things. What kind of price did they cost you? If you dont mind me asking.
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    You can often spec different sized tyres on the car when new. The diameter is only one measurement - if the diameter increases and the wall measurement decreases you can end up with the same final diameter and spedo reading true etc.

    Not quite as simple as stated above.

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    I've gone from 15" and 70 profile to 17" and 70 profile on my Hilux increasing the overall diameter by about 4". Speedo is slightly out doing 32 mph when showing
    30 mph so not really that bothered this difference however will increase as the speed rises but as I'm not usually in a hurry to get anywhere it doesn't bother me plodding at 60 mph on the motorway (probably actually traveling nearer to 70 mph anyway)

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