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Thread: Jackets, Trousers, Breeks, DPM

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    Jackets, Trousers, Breeks, DPM

    Hi all,

    If there is any youngster on here starting out in the shooting/stalking/beating field or any member who knows anyone who could benefit from this offer I have some USED clothing going free. The trousers/breeks are a 30inch waste and the jackets are 38-40 inch.

    There is a Swandri Hooded jacket I bought some years ago and never worn, a tweed jacket and various DPM pattern jackets along with a realtree deerhunter trousers and jacket. There is also a DPM fleece jacket.

    There is a pair of Loden and Moleskin breeks along with some DPM trousers and a DPM boiler suit (tank commanders).Tthere is also various other items of clothing.

    I would like it all to go to a lad who is starting out with little or nowt who is willing to collect from Wiltshire. I must stress all items have been worn by myself, it is however good enough for the field.

    I will keep this offer open for one week starting from today then I will take it all to my local charity shop.

    Thanks for looking.


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    My brother is starting shooting and is a bit daunted by the cost. If you think he qualifies I will send him round next time he is down. I will send you a P.M.

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    Hi all,
    All gone now. Thanks for looking!

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    well done styer . you are a dying breed

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