Hi All,
I am not really in to Deerstalking mostly interested in the guns and reloading side of it, I mainly shoot target, F class, Silhoutte, and pistol
I started out with the NZ Deerstalkers as they were the only club that
shot scoped rifles back in 1970 the course of fire was prone, kneeling,
sitting, standing at one or two hundred metres 5 shots each postion and
6 six shots at one hundred metre running deer, there was at the time 3
ranges in the Auckland area that had 2 shoots a month on each so my mates and I shot every weekend, I hunted mainly rabbits magpies possums goats all a big problem here, used all sorts of calibres on them
favorite goat gun was the 25/06 with 100gr Hornady spire point like shooting a lazer, a friend uses one on deer with good results, my favorite
calibres at present are the 6mmBR and 6.5x55 I shoot F class with
them out to a thousand yards, If I was to go hunting again I would take
my Sako 75 SS/SYN 6.5x55 loaded with Hornady 140gr spire points
I load this load for friends for deer and never had one fail, all the shots at
deer are inside 100 metres most only 50 metres, only long shot was in Fiordland the South Island a lady friend target shooter borrowed one of my 6.5's and shot a Doe and a Stag, the Doe was at 150m and the Stag
at 262m she put two shots in the Stag both would have killed it only went
20 paces after being hit, wish I had been there.