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Thread: Thinking of getting a chrony!

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    Thinking of getting a chrony!

    Hi all,

    Well as above states, I'm thinking about getting a Chronograph.

    Have never used them before so have no ideas about the better brands and reliability etc. so any advice or recommendations would be greatly appreciated?


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    Jon, I bought a basic little Chrony F1 for 70 a few weeks ago, wanted to check out the velocity on my new rifle. 10 for a camera tripod and you are good to go.

    I think it is great. No doubt you can buy one wuth lots more features, but this little basic baby is good enough for my purposes.

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    + 1 on the above!Steve.

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    I bought an F1 Chrony and got a cable from a bloke ("stot" on who was making them, to link the F1 to my Laptop so I get live feed in CSV which will convert easily into Excel files, so I can generate lots of pretty graphs showing how fast my rounds go.
    I can analyse the extreme spread to my hearts content now.

    It is very useful actually.

    Based on the data from the Vit web site, I had been using 46Gr Vit 160 on 87Gr Hornady Vmax which gave 3224FPS.

    I downloaded to 44Gr to get 3090FPS.

    Only thing to watch for with the F1 is sunshine, I have a large piece of white card to stick to the diffusers in case the sun is not directly overhead and shade cast by the diffusers do not shade the sensors.

    5 for a tripod on the bay.

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    Thanks everyone,

    Looks like I'll go for an F1, or to be precise its metrical brother the M1 in meters.


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    Thinking of gatting a chrony!

    Johner, When using, place the chronograph about 10 feet in front of the muzzle. This is good for two things. 1. Muzzle blast does not interfere with the readings and 2. you can see the supporting wires through your scope. You can then adjust the height so that you do not shoot the wires or the chrony (I have seen both happen). If you then add between 10 and 20FPS to the reading you will get (near enough) the true muzzle velocity.

    The down side of all this is that you will get through a lot of amunition - just having fun.

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    Thanks for the tips techman

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    I have a Chrony also, but as my zeroing/faffing-about shooting is done on a range, I bought the Master model, with a detatchable readout and reset button which one can put near the firing-point.

    This save one having to use opera-glasses to take the readings and a fishing-rod to reset. Not that anyone would try that, of course...

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