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Thread: Meindl Dovre Extreme GTX Boots

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    Meindl Dovre Extreme GTX Boots

    Does anybody know where you can get these from,for a good price.


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    I have a pair cheapest ive ever seen brand new ones sell for was £210 tw relph. In penrith cumbria if not ebay but maybe ebay might be worth a look would rather buy with reciept myself. Good luck

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    Bushwear had them on offer recently for about £204 I think.

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    +1 for bushwear, I managed to pick up a brand new in the box pair from fleabay for a steal so its always worth a look to see what's going!

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    Send me a pm....
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    My mate sells them in north Yorkshire.
    good prices

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    hi got a pair of these boots now and was wounding what I should use to keep them water proof. ive been using the Meindl sport wax every time I get back from using the boots but I have read that I should be using the Meindl wet proofer as well but I don't know how often any ideas and any ideas of other good water proofing products thanks

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    hi ggav999 I have used this for the past 8 years, mr jo jo its a great boot wax also called. urad. you can get it from tel 08453703113, you don't need a lot of it and I have meindl boots and use it on the rifle stock braw.

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    Search the various sites selling used army equipment, such as this one. and you can find 'used' but in fact NEW (mine were delivered in the original packaging, new) Meindl boots from around £20 - £35.
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