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Thread: Reloading

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    Hi folks
    Reloading is something ive never done before & to be honest with you i wouldnt even have a clue where to start so im after a bit of help & advice of the people in the know as they say
    Would any of the fellow stalkers on here be able to tell me what equipement ill need & an estimated cost to get started please & also any other info that mite be relevent
    Many thanks in advance.

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    Hi Nick,
    The 'Rising cost of ammo' thread has some good pointers. Failing that come to the butchery and reloading day Rob is putting together! I'm a reloading virgin too!

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    HI mate
    That day sounds good. Where & when is it

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    I don't know mate, you need to ask 'The Boss' Big Bad Rob Mac!

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    But i am not worthy

    Rob if you read this could you let me know where & when is it please. Any help would be good as this is something i really dont wanna mess up

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    He won't answer you Nick!
    You have to raise your hands to heaven and say " Oooo great all knowing and merciful Rob Mac.....creator of the Stalking Directory Oracle. Please except this sacrifice of my first born beaver in honour of your greatness"!
    That usually does the trick!

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    Beowulf I really am getting worried about you. This beaver thing has certainly woken something deep within you,

    Did you realise until this week that you were such an avid beaver fan?

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    Hi Steyr243. I have loaded my own for about 10 years, using an RCBS kit.
    Its not rocket science at the end of the day, and it does save you money.

    I got my kit brought over from the states, so I got the whole lot for half of what you would pay over here which is about 380 to 400 now, although in the states it will be half. Mind you I have just bought a RCBS case polisher for under 60 brand new from Wilson and Wilson in Kent, which is good value.

    Dont forget its not just the loading kit you will need, its also the die sets for each calibre you have.

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    Hi sikamalc
    Thanks for the reply. Ive got a friend in canada at the moment & she is due back soon. Looks like i mite be giving her a list if its that cheap.
    I take it then that you buy the dies seperate from the rest Is it the same kit for every calibre & the only bit thats different is the die

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    Hi Poddle,
    You are worried, so am I! I think its because the nights are getting a little lighter and I'm getting out stalking at least twice a month with some very generous members of this site!
    That and the fact that I spend at least an hour a night answering pm's and another two posting on the site. What I am saying is this site really has helped me out no end, and its made me a happier person knowing that I'm not alone in the world, there are plenty of people out there that feel the same about many issues as I do. I'm just happy and 'Doo lally tap'!

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