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Thread: My first Centerfire, any used 243 recommendations?

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    My first Centerfire, any used 243 recommendations?

    Hello All,

    I'm purchasing my first centerfire and looking for recommendations for which to search the 2nd hand market with. My budget is small, under 500, for the rifle, mod and scope. Advice on things to look out for positive and negative on models also appreciated. I'm in Bristol for anything local.

    Your thoughts are kindly appreciated!
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    Tikka M595 if you can find a good one far superior than the T3 that replaced it.
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    can o' worms feller but i would save and get a t3 or you may find a combo deal off the boys on the site bobjs had got one for sale don't can't remember the deal have alook or pm him for 500 you are gonner be pushed but you never know.

    update its is a tikka 590 .243
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    Any hunting rifle that you can get a consistent half decent group out of (sub 2 or even 3 inch). More important to top it with decent optics 6x42 or 8x42 of any good make. Old swasrovski novas and S+Bs go on here for 250 if you are quick.

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    If you have a look on guntrader you can sort the results according to price I think to get an idea of the what is available under 500. Most of these will be dealer prices though.
    I bought a Sako A2 for less than that, which is a gun made before the accountants started to design the rifles.

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    I've no idea about .243s, apart from them being a .243 bullet in a .308 case. Would you be more likely to get a low-price SH .308 that wasn't worn out than a low-price SH .243?

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    I have sent you a PM. Might have what you're looking for.

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    I have two parker hale 1200's one .243 and one 30.06 cost less than 250 each one has meopta 6x42 scope other has Edgar brothers 8x56 less than 150 each s/h i use a s/h wildcat predator mod and swap to which rifle im using. Both rifles shoot sub moa.

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    CZ 601, 6x42 Swarovski , forget the can

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    +1 on forgetting the can. Get one later if you really wanted one. Shouldn't be a problem with the empty slot on your certificate.

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