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Thread: Ruger 77/22 Stainless/ Synthetic

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    Ruger 77/22 Stainless/ Synthetic

    Just testing the water really.
    Ruger 77/22 Stainless /Synthetic .22lr bolt action rifle.
    Excellent condition.
    13/14" barrel (depending on where toy measure from)
    Screw cut with mod.
    Brand new Vortex 3-12x40 scope
    Stainless mounts.
    Photos via email.
    Only thinking of selling it as I would get more use from a PCP air rifle.
    These are getting very exepensive to buy new now.
    Looking for 460 all in or will split 300 rifle only.
    FAC holders with the relevent slot to collect face to face or RFD to RFD add 20
    Please PM if interested.
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    Will sell rifle only for 300

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    Do you want to sell the mounts?

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    Hi mate. Interested in rifle only, perhaps the mod. Cheers mate

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