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Thread: meat in the lab

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    meat in the lab

    Some food for thought for the more philosophically inclined...

    You may have noticed in the news the successful production of a burger in the lab, with no involvment from a living animal.

    This morning, I ended up in a conversation with people in my department about this. All were meat eaters, yet about half said that if the technology were to become cheap and common, they would completely stop eating meat that had been killed. They asked me why I would continue killing animals if I didn't have too.

    This worried me, and set me thinking: is there ever likely to come a time when it becomes socially unacceptable to kill animals for food, given that an alternative source of 'meat' exists? I can, reluctantly, envisage a future where this happens.

    Rather than reacting with blind hostility and going on a rant about antis and vegetarians, the disconnect between urban and rural values, and the tragedy of the Nanny state, I think it would be worth us thinking very carefully about the lines of argument we should present in favour of killing animals for food when an alternative exists.

    I suspect this issue will slowly grow over years, if not decades, and I think that a parrallel could be drawn with smoking. I am not a smoker, and personally hate it, but feel very uncomfortable with the extent to which personal choice has been steadily removed. Yet it would have been very hard to predict the way things have developed, from a 1950s perspective.

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    Main defence is deer management rather than just to put meat into the food chain.
    ​ATB 243 Stalker

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    Well at 250,000 to produce a quarter/half a pound it is not going to be in ASDA any time soon.

    So in years to come we can go to the supermarket and order any type of meat and pick it up in a week or two.
    Or take some sells to a lab and we could have any variety, could even see what the ex wife tasted like on a BBQ witout going to prison. Cool!


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    BBC News - What does a stem cell burger taste like?

    The link to the bbc twitter report.

    I love the quote "vegetarians should remain vegetarians!"

    Stem cell research seems to have come a long way since its first inception. I don't believe that I am comfortable with stem cell research being used to 'grow' food, although if it could be managed in large enough quantities at a reasonable price, it maight go some way towards alleviating hunger in the world, which with a burgeoning population is likely to become a real issue.

    I believe however, that stem cell research would be better used for its original purpose(s) ie the growth of replacement organs/limbs, or as a (possible) cure for cancer, using shark stem cells.

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    WOW....I can't eat a Mc......'s with out thinking about 'super size me' and his almost fois gras'd liver and kidneys..... Stem cell burger, plus all the required growth hormones, antibiotics and anti rejections drugs required....i think i will pass thanks.
    Not sure that those near 50% who agreed they may eat it should the tech become cheap & common enough have actually thought about it in its entirety Mungo.
    Can i ask as to you response to 'will you still kill animals if you did not need to'?

    atb rick

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    Quote Originally Posted by rick6point5 View Post
    Can i ask as to you response to 'will you still kill animals if you did not need to'?
    'Yes of course'.

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    You can't get out more than you put in. Meat substitutes have been around for a long time, mainly using Soya. Something that is finite, will have to be used to be able to manufacture this stuff. Nobody has found perpetual motion yet.

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    With all the fuss created when GM crops are mentioned I wonder if there will be any major opposition to this?

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    First reaction: lab-made burger short on flavor

    That is where I first read about this issue.

    It only took about 140 cells to produce these burgers - a miniscule amount considering how many are produced by each animal (or human)!

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    good man teeth are made for chewin

    Q mungo
    'Yes of course'.
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