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Thread: Pulsar Recon X550 Digital Night Vision Monocular

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    Pulsar Recon X550 Digital Night Vision Monocular

    Pulsar Recon X550 Digital Night Vision Monocular
    The Pulsar Recon X550 digital night vision monocular is a compact and lightweight digital NV scope which is designed for hunting, security purposes and wildlife viewing at long ranges.

    Pulsar Recon X series nightvision features a greater range of view (up to 500meters) than the Recon models due to a more sensitive CCD array and advanced program technology employed in this model - Sum Light

    The Recon X 550 features
    •Contrast Gain Function: The user can choose preferable LCD display.
    •Sum Light signal processing function.

    •Brightness Adjustment wheel: Adjusts optimum brightness of screens glow for each specific case.
    •Built in High Power Stealth IR Illuminator: For usage at insufficient levels of natural illumination (such as starlight) for improvement of observation quality
    •Indication: Recon features LED indicators performing two functions. The green light indicates power on, and when you turn on the IR, the LED changes colour to Red but displays in a moderate intensity which does not illuminate the observer. Crucial for security applications.
    •Eyepiece: The device is outfitted with a new five lens eyepiece that minmizes distortion on the edges of the field of view and increases sharpness, definition and contrast. The soft rubber eyecup conceals the light emission from the tube thus permitting the user to stay unnoticed.
    •Power Supply: The Recon is a fully self contained device operating on four universally available AA batteries.

    Video Input/Output: The Recon is equipped with a socket for connection of external video recording sources or TV set which facilitates long-time stationary viewing, as well as video playback sources. Switching from VIDEO IN mode to VIDEO OUT is performed by pressing a button located next to the socket.


    Magnification: 5X

    Lens Diameter: 50mm

    Viewing range: 5-500 Meters

    Resolution Lines per mm: 40

    Operating Time (without/with IR) 12/9 Hours

    Operating Temp: -10 to +45 Deg C

    Dimensions: 176x83x62mm

    This has only been used 2 times and is like new. it is only a month old
    I am selling it for £600 posted


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