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Thread: GWP Stud dog required

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    GWP Stud dog required

    Bitch due to come into season September, looking for stud GWP to cover her.


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    Quote Originally Posted by 270wsm View Post
    Bitch due to come into season September, looking for stud GWP to cover her.

    ​contact Ben c off here he's got a good un. Regards pete

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    seconded, judging by my litter using his dog the pups are very strong and doing very well so far, everyone who has seen them so far has been impressed.

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    Contact mustwork on this forum they have cracking dogs and are in Wales


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    Or contact Chris Gray at Trudvang. His main stud dog "Balder" is an awesome dog! If you use him I'll most likely have a dog pup off you.

    How is your bitch bred?

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    Thanks for the replies. The bitch was bred by myself and is now in Wrexham. Her line has a good mix of Bryantscroft, Wigmansburg, Tickencote, Andesheim, Mapelhaze Halesgreen. I don't have any recent photos of her at the moment, but will post some of her brother, which I kept.


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    Sounds good. Look forward to seeing her brother!

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    Some pics, as promised

    First two are of "Max" the brother of the bitch, third is "Harv" the sire and last is "Arian" the bitch

    Attachment 31431 Attachment 31432 Attachment 31433 Attachment 31434
    Max at 6 months Max at 2 years old Sire of pups Arian

    There are some of my pups owned by SD members, I'll see if I can get some pics of thier dogs.


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