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Thread: Wanted: Left handed .243

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    Wanted: Left handed .243

    Looking for a rifle only or outfit in .243 with left hand stock and bolt.

    If anyone doesn't personally have what I'm looking for but clocks something along those lines in their local shop, then please give me a heads up as well!



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    I just bought a left hand 270 from a guy in Somerset. I am sure he has a left handed Heym 243 for sale on Guntrader. He even posted my gun to the local dealer on approval so if I did not like it I could pay the 15 to send it back.

    He comes highly reccomended.


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    Steve Beaty by the looks of it. A top bloke, I bought my PES from him and he was straight as a die to deal with.

    Unfortunately the Heym is currently a bit out of my price range, but we can all dream. Avery nice looking rifle.

    Cheers for the info.


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    Tony Manvell at Wiltshire Rod & Gun in Swindon has a Tikka T3 available.

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