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Thread: .303 NDFS dies

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    .303 NDFS dies

    Hello all

    The clear out continues

    one set of North Devon Firearms Services custom made .303 three die set superb quality dedicated decapping, full length sizing and seating die 25.00 posted

    one only North Devon Firearms Services custom made .303 sizing die with slight rust requires a touch of tlc 8.00 posted



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    Interested in the NDFS 303 dies set, but what is 'custom' about them ?
    Can you explain before I say definitely yes/no

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    Thanks for your reply.
    As long as the three 303 dies NDFS dies fit an RCBS reloading press i.e. are standard thread size & are in good condition without rust, then I'll take them at 25 inc p&p.
    Please PM payment details etc if correct.

    PayPal payment sent for the 3 die set.
    Please confirm that you received delivery address from me.
    Many thanks.
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