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Thread: deer stand

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    deer stand

    Does any one know if you can buy,one of those,american,climbing seat/platforms 40 on ebay but 200 plus postage any help appreiciated,Regards Tone,,

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    There was someone doing them on Ebay from UK a while ago. I got a Treecreeper Mk 4 for 99! They are ok if you have the right sort of trees to go up but do have their limitations. The tree has to be fairly straight and rough bark with no branches. It takes a while to get up and down if in a hurry - unless you get it wrong and then you get down rather quickly as I found out! They are good though and I wouldn't be without one, but I also have the 'Bushwear Panther' and cub extension which gives more flexibility.

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    As Spanky says, good & well made , but very limited in application, unless you have a lot of douglas firs to climb I would stick to freestanding & lean to's, Steve.

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    limited use

    I go for the limited use call as well. Especially after I had the bottom half get away on me and spent about 15 minutes dangling from the top half whilst I summoned up the courage to drop down.

    If you used them on a particular site regularly and prepped the trees I think they would be great. Dont think I would recommend lugging them around on spec

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    I seem to remember cannibalising one a while back, I'll have look & see what's left in the back of the workshop, if there's enough left to be viable I'll let you know. Steve.

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    Hi tony if you want a seat ill ask chris and he will sort you out with a cheepy. he is good at what he does. ill try and get the material cheep

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    Tony can you get me a photo of one, they must be easy enough to make up, we make up all our own high seats.

    Paul GAP180

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    Quote Originally Posted by Munty1
    Tony can you get me a photo of one, they must be easy enough to make up, we make up all our own high seats.

    Paul GAP180
    They are made of Aluminium Paul which is great fun to weld - NOT!!

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    My last T.I.G. gave up the ghost, 3,500.00 to replace it!

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    tree stand

    Thanks Guys for all your help cant get photo up yet but go on ebay and search Hunting catagorie "tree stand" good enlarged photo,better still go utube and watch drunken american trying to ascend tree,Tone,,

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