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Thread: getting deer off the hill

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    getting deer off the hill

    Hi there
    can anyone tell me the easiest way to drag a red off the hill withot getting a hernia!!!!
    I have been stalking for 15 years but only roe,this is the first year i have been shooting red,I have had three this year and each time has been a nightmare to drag it to a track!!the last time I sweated like that the wife was a week late !!!!!I know a quad would be my best option but treated myself to a new rifle and kit this year and the missus says something about a stupid holiday next yeAR!!(I would rather go shooting or fishing for a fortnight)
    I lose as much weight as I can from the beast,gralloch, head and legs but a mate says i
    should leave head on and drag it head first,another said a sledge but I dont fancy carrying that about hill,
    any suggestions would be appreciated before hinds start!!also any sugggestions about the various drags and harneses

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    i dragged a sika stag a fair spin today only 140 pounds.
    i use a home made shoulder strap ,the trick is to get the head off the ground as high as possible.
    and summer on the bike , look over your shoulder before you squeeze

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    There is generally no easy way round it, unless you use a quad or other mechanical means, if it's agreeable to you you should take a mate & share the shots & the work, Steve.

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    Have purchased one recently, tugged out a Sika Hind with no great effort & with temperatures being quite warm, no issues with the 'cold cracking' or damage mentioned in some of the reviews.

    Rolls into a light tube that is slung on your back - I bought it for the occasional large Reds I have difficulty lifting onto a quad.

    So far - thumbs up!



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    The picture in the link to Cabelas is begging for a caption contest Ian!

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    You could just carry it off the hill, I carried a 115lb stag off last week and the 2 Kiwis I took carried theirs off too. Get stuck in!

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    We had a Kiwi that was calling us "pussies" for not putting them on our backs and carrying them out, that is until we told him our stags weigh between 120kgs-130kgs larder weight, full up they weigh in excess of 180kgs.
    AVG hind 70kgs
    AVG calf 45kgs


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    Hi Bauldy

    The way I see it........If you can't extract it without either suffering a heart attack or worse a hernia ........DON'T shoot it. That's the problem with stalking/taking Reds and the ease of taking Roe and Fallow.. CARCASS EXTRACTION !

    Some people do it on their own (usually the younger/fitter amongst us) but hell, I've just turned the big 60 and taking big animals on your own is definitely not my scene. In these areas I need support in either vehicles and/or men and the problems with logistics of same.



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    there is always a method called piece meal
    works on all lager species especially in deep ravines or trecherous ground like clear fell
    half the animal , half the weight
    just twice the walking
    better than struggling

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