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    primary producer

    Hi All,
    Can someone expalin to me in layman terms what this means, or point me in the right direction for some information.
    We are going to convert part of an old dairy on the farm to ultimately butcher and sell on the venison, this would only be in small quantities (i have heard less than 300 animals a year is important?) but we are in need of advice of what the minimum we would have to do to meet any legislation that applies.
    Many thanks in advance.

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    You should find all you need here mate
    If in doubt, get your local council to come and have a look. It is free and they are there to help and advise. Good luck. MS

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    Primary Producer


    The main issue is that as a primary producer you only have to be registered as an FBO & are exempt from having to become an AGHE, you can only remain exempt if you sell only the end product that you cull or shoot yourself (including staff & any syndicate members)

    We are just changing over to AGHE at the end of the year as we are now processing about 1500 deer & only half of this is our own, the remainder is purchased from local estates & the FC.

    As an exempt FBO you will only answer to the local EHO & TS, as an AGHE you still answer to them but also have daily checks from an FSA meat inspector- (47.50 an hour +vat)

    Regs :ee

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    Thanks for your advice, the EHO will be paying me a visit on 24/10/09 with advice on converting the building, he was very helpful over the phone,i will update the thread with the outcome.

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