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Thread: Martini Metford .303

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    Martini Metford .303

    I have for sale a Martini Meford artillery carbine. MK2 .303.

    This rifle was produced at Enfield in 1874 as a infantry model MK2 in 577/450. It was later re-barreled in 1895 to .303 and converted to a carbine.

    The stock disc indicates that it was issued to the 43rd regiment Royal Artillery in 1896.

    The rifle is in a original condition, were no attempt has been made of a recondition. It is stamped with various proof and inspection marks that would be expected of a firearm of this type.

    350 ono

    I will be taking a few pictures and uploading asap. PM for further details.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    pictures now added.

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    would this sell better if it was deactivated? opinions most welcome

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    put it on the Gun trader if you get no joy prob more get folks who are looking for one on there for this type of old feller nice to see one still shooting

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    Dont deactivate it! Thats a sin...

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    Quote Originally Posted by murrayb View Post
    Dont deactivate it! Thats a sin...
    DAM right it is ..... PM inbound for a possible purchase

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    Are you sure that isn't a Martini-Enfield? Check on the top of the knox, if there's an E there then it's a Martini-Enfield. The knox form on yours is a slightly different shape to mine, so I guess it could have Metford rifling.


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    HI JMS, This is a Martini Metford. The stamp on the side says M.M AC II. I beleave yours being a Enfield Barreled martini Should say. M.E AC II. I May be very wrong though.

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