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Thread: Ruger 10/22 Synthetic Package

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    Ruger 10/22 Synthetic Package

    Ruger 10/22 standard barrel in the synthetic stock. The rifle is in very good condition, with a brand new synthetic factory stock which I just bought as I have run out of cabinet space and the aftermarket stock it was in wouldn't fit. It has had the auto bolt release job done to it. Also has been fitted with a Weaver picatinny rail.

    Comes with a SAK mod that has seen less than 200 rounds.

    Fitted with a leapers SWAT 3-12x44 illuminated comapct scope which is practically new. Cost £179

    Comes with 4 mags, 1x factory 10 shot, 1x ruger clear 10 shot, 2x butler creek steel lips. All mags are in great working order, the 25 rounders feed perfectly and are the steel lips type that don't wear out after 5 minutes.

    I want £400 for the lot, but am willing to sell the scope separately. I wont sell the mags on their own as they are currently hard to come by.

    Thanks for looking, and feel free to PM me if interested.
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    Bump - I would sell the scope and mounts separately for £100, Rifle with mod and mags for £300

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    Still here, need this gone so I would sell the lot for £350 collected, no offers.

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    Would you accept £80 for the scope and mounts?



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    Scope is now gone. Rifle with all the mags £270 collected.

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    Do you have another stock your looking to sell? PM me
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    Bump - will sell the rifle on its own for 190 collected.

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    Final bump before I try selling this elsewhere. I will do the rifle and all mags for £250 collected.

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    Is it still about ? I have sent in my renewal and added a variation for a 22lr. If your about then and don't mind I will give you a shout

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