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Thread: What do we do now

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    What do we do now

    Went to the post office today to send a trophy to the best Taxidermist in the country Bill Bartlet.
    I have been refused as they from last week don't carry human or animal remains any more.
    I said can I send a pair boots as they contain animal remains. Your views and suggestions woodfordfallow

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    Just use a courier, it will probably be cheaper anyway. Try Interparcel on the net, they are a broker for a range of couriers and not only will you get a good price most of them will come and collect it. Even the very helpful guy at my local post office recommends them and uses them himself for his sideline of selling car parts.

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    I guess it was a wet trophy? A recently shot animal that you were sending for mounting?

    I ask because I sold some antlers on ebay a couple of weeks ago and the lady behind the counter asked what was in the box as they are now apparently obliged to do. I told her it contained deer antlers. No problem and away they went.
    Best Regards,

    Jedward. The reason why there are two barrels on a shotgun.

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    Absolute ********, they carry meat, horn, antler, bone, ivory, leather & skins, shells, & all manner of animal remains, they are having you on, it's just their policy I bet I sent venison to my I laws yesterday no problem next day delivery.

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    Crap.I send antlers weekly withoot any queries at all,and they know what they are.

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    Perhaps the beginnings of the new face of Royal (Not) Snail! Wonder who's boat race is going to appear on the new stamps...

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    Use a courier the Post Office are possibly the worst service anyway. Unreliable and expencive.

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    Don't use Royal Mail. I got my local post office to send a frozen gold medal cwd to Colin dunton on a next day delivery - when I traced it two days later they had only just bothered to collect it from my post office! I had it returned to me and sent it by courier the next week. Luckily I had well wrapped and insulated the parcel and the cape was fine.I tend to use dpd these days. I've shipped lots of trophies to Spain with them and never had a problem.

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    I take it back.The missus went to post antlers today and was told new policy doesn't allow it.Have been given a phone number to check.

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    It includes bullets too, Amax, etc are now "banned"

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